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We're a Gen Z marketing agency with a team of artists and digital marketers working side by side to deliver data-driven creative. Our team equips, tests, and executes the newest marketing other agencies simply can’t facilitate: growing together. We leverage digital trends, technology, and culture to drive growth. We are the best thought partners who stay ahead of the curve in leveraging culture and creating experiences that connect

the modern consumer to your brand. Social Apex Media pushes the boundaries of the industry by challenging the status quo and revamping the way we create, deliver, and consume media. As digital channels continue to expand and diversify, it becomes increasingly important to understand the underlying implications of your brand so that you may properly communicate with your segment.

The world is changing, are you?

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Marketing Campaign

Greg Orman
For Kansas
Political Election Campaign

We managed all Social Media Marketing & Content Creation for Greg Orman's '2018 Orman For Kansas Campaign'. Managing & Growing all Social Media Channels, for the duration of the election. This campaign came down to developing a strong & powerful message through his social media, with the Photos, Videos, & Graphics created.

Marketing Campaign

Clutch Sports Apparel
Facebook Ads & Social Media

Clutch Sports Apparel is based in Kansas City and sell the hottest batting gloves on the market. We optimized all the Social Media Channels, Video Production, Photography, Social Media Growth, Graphic Design, and Facebook Advertising.
This was a Full Scale Marketing Campaign, with the sole focus of driving sales and tracking ROI. We reached tens of thousands of potential customers on a daily basis through paid advertising, and hundreds of thousands organically through social media.

Video Production

Moxxess Leggings
Video Production & Facebook Ads

Moxxess is an apparel company that specializes in Women's Leggings. They successfully sell on Amazon, and wanted to expand their marketing efforts into Paid Social Media Advertising. Our goal was to launch a single campaign to drive sales to the new line of leggings. We began with our strategic meeting, targeted a list of specific audiences, and focused on creating a high converting ad video.


Global Sound
Video Production

Global Sound is a brand new audio system installed into stadiums around the world to provide a new experience in stadiums. Our job was to create a commercial that could be sent to stadium owners, really showing the power of sound and the power that this system could bring to fans all around the world. The project started with multiple strategic phone calls, and after finalizing the agreement was sent to our Design Team to build...

Web Development

Spirit Airlines
Web Development

Developed custom landing pages for the yearly Spirit Airlines giveaway. These landing pages were more than just static web pages, we had to create a custom database to save user data inputed into the pop-up modal. The database needed to save the contact information & differentiate users that selected whether or not to recieve promotional deals. Then take all the user data and place it in a exportable csv...


"Working with Social Apex was a lot of fun... you guys allowed me to experiment through you guys, testing out some new marketing concepts that I haven’t tried and guys were brave enough to join me on this journey."

Brian Kearns, Hip Hire

"The Social Apex group means it when they say they're passionate about Kansas City and genuine partnerships. And their mantra about connecting with con- sumers [especially young ones] through modern mar- keting techniques... we're realizing that's true too."

Luke Miller, The Sharp

"Social Apex was able to quickly implement a strategy that increased our online presence. This allowed us to connect to more clients and better our relationship with our customers."

James Lavoy, Forner Lavoy Builders