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Who We Are

Social Apex Media is a millennial-owned-and-operated multi-media marketing agency based in Kansas City.

Advertising has become increasingly complex. Social Apex capitalizes on the vastness of the digital landscape to spread your brand's story and convert that attention into revenue streams. Our team displays ingenuity through research, as well as application and results by leveraging our cultural knowledge and professional expertise.

Built Differently

Social Apex is built by a team of young entrepreneurs, we teamed up to deliver a service the industry has never seen before. We better understand the needs of businesses - bottom line impacting services. This means you can focus on the business and let us handle the marketing, saving you time & money.


As the youngest agency in the Midwest, we stay on top of marketing, new tech, and what’s new. Social Apex is able to implement cultural relevance into our practices with precision. This means you stay ahead of your competitors and accelerate internal growth.


With a team of creators at Social Apex Media we display an unmatched creativity in our storytelling. This is displayed in both our work and one-of-a-kind creative production process. This means you are able to stand out in the market and stand out from the competition.


With a team of entrepreneurs, Social Apex Media can outperform even the largest agencies. We work smarter, harder and longer than anyone in the marketing industry. This means Social Apex has quicker turnaround times, faster results and accelerated growth.

What We Do | We Focus On Growth

Social Apex Provides Growth as a Service.

Social Apex Media pairs a diverse set of marketing services in order to bring you a full scale growth solution encompassing every possible channel. Our goal is to utilize our team of specialists to elevate your brand’s exposure and revenue through all digital mediums.

Growth Marketing

Looking to grow and scale your business? At Social Apex we develop multi-channel growth strategies for companies looking to scale. This starts with a strategic partnership developing a plan for growth. From there we execute marketing campaigns, ad funnels, growth hacking, and more… geared at reaching accelerated growth.

Social Media Marketing

Looking to turn social media in a revenue source? At Social Apex Media we create marketing campaigns for companies looking to utilize social media to it’s maximum potential. This starts with competitive analysis & brand identity. From there we develop and execute content concepts, social growth, conversion promotions, and more… reaching social potential.

SEO & Web Optimization

Turn your website into your #1 sales funnel? We apply & develop web optimization strategies that help businesses generate more revenue from their website. This starts with a web & SEO audit. From there we implement design, logistics enhancements, SEO keywords, conversion tools, and more… creating a high-functioning website.

Brand Building

Looking to build a stunning brand? We work with businesses to build brands that consumers love. This starts by utilizing our creative, cultural, and modern mindset to implement brand identity and storytelling. We capture cohesive content to attract an audience and turn them into customers of your company.

Digital Immersion

Looking to innovate into the digital space? Social Apex brings traditional companies into the digital era. This starts with a digital immersion analysis - research and execution that helps set a foundation for a brand to enter the digital space. From there we deploy consumer experience, social integration, and innovative marketing strategies to dominate the digital landscape.

Creative Content

Looking to capture your brand’s story & grow organically? We develop creative content strategies aimed at ‘culture elasticity’ through content and press. This starts with creative strategy and digital asset analysis. From there we connect creativity with content to capture growth through culture.

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